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Work Completed Date: December 28, 2015, COMMERCIAL BUILDING IN CLEARWATER, FL
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $50,000.00
Home Build Year: 1948
Description Of Work: Complete demo and reconstruction of an office Suite...The owner came out promptly upon calling for a preliminary price quote. The owner Joe of AAA Services of Central Florida personally came to our site. He asked to bring back his electrician and plans people. We liked his preliminary quote and agreed to have plans drawn up for the construction. He took care of everything, permits, plans and inspections. This was a complete demolition of the interior of an office suite that was originally made up of 6 different offices to make ready for new modular office cubes. After the demolition AAA Installed new ceilings, floors, drywall, paint, LED lighting, insulation. His electricians wired our new area for the LED lights (very beautiful) and the new 9 office cubes. They are are enclosed complete offices with doors so each one was wired for computers, telephones etc.
Member Comments: From start to finish AAA was here when they said they would be. They were prompt, courteous and informative throughout the whole process. He stated the project would take about 6-8 weeks (depending on permitting and inspections) and he was exactly correct. He finished the project the exact day he said he would. I cannot begin to say enough about the people that AAA employees. After having a few negative experiences with contractors in the past, AAA Services of Central Florida is the polar opposite. His project manager Tim was the best. If you called his phone he answered. He was so informative and easy to communicate with. Every single person that was at our site was respectful and polite and worked diligently to get the job done in a timely manner. The Electricians that were on site were also terrific and easy to communicate with. I asked numerous questions and was met with exact answers and in a manner I understood. I was informed each step of the way what was going to happen next and when I could expect it to be finished. This was extremely helpful as I was trying to coordinate the construction with another company that was providing the office furniture and cubes. From Joe the owner, Todd the plans guy, Tim the project manager Dave the electrician, Hussein the flooring rep and all of the other AAA folks that were on site daily were here when they said they would be which is very important and was helpful and informative at every single encounter. They were respectful of the office park rules. Where to park their vehicles and maintenance equipment and for the allowed time. This kept us in good graces in our complex, also very helpful. I honestly cannot think of one negative situation that occurred during the time AAA worked on our offices. In the end our whole company is so very pleased with the outcome and very impressed with AAA Services of Central Florida. Lastly we obtained 4 estimates and AAA was right in the middle but Mr. Logar's communication and explanations of what could be expected was what sold us on his company. He understood that we were working within a time constraint and we felt they would keep us informed all along the way and they did. We will work with them again.
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Darrell Carr
Largo , FL 
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: January 14, 2016
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Drywall repair and retexture on vaulted ceiling
Member Comments: Great job on a really tough project. The job was scheduled within a week of the estimate. Good customer service. Reasonable price. Work completed in less than scheduled time. Workers were very professional.
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Vita Canalungo
Category: Remodeling - General
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: July 01, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $6,500.00
Description Of Work: Laundry room extension, included concrete slab, framing, stucco, electric, etc.
Member Comments: They did a fantastic job! I had just purchased my home and had many contractors doing different projects. AAA Services was a pleasure to work with. All of the men on Joe's team were service oriented professionals who were interested in making the customer happy and took pride in their work...and it shows. I would definitely use them again in the future.
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Jason Mahshie
Saint Petersburg, 
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: October 09, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $850.00
Description Of Work: Removed an old wall air conditioning unit, repair the wall and finished both interior and exterior services.
Member Comments: Un-be-lievable! They did A+ quality work! I had a contractor friend (of 30 years experience) look at the work, and he said he was very impressed with the quality and speed at which the work was done. 
They removed an old air conditioning unit from the wall and repair it. There is no way you can tell there was ever a repair done.The finish on the inside and outside walls blends perfectly. I honestly don't know how they did it, as my home has plaster from the 1950's, which is very hard to match. 
The office staff was attentive and friendly. They showed up on time and got the job done promptly. Everyone was professional, polite and of course, very good at their jobs.
If you ever need this kind of work, do not bother calling anyone else. They are hands down the best contractor I have ever worked with! They do exceptional, quality work, and at a great price.
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Kathleen Hudson
Tampa, FL  
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: August 07, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $38,000.00
Description Of Work: Completely remodeled my 1956 kitchen including bringing the electrical and plumbing up to today's codes. I love to cook and had lost interest because my kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house; I could never get a true temperature in the oven; two of the four units on my 1980's induction cooktop no longer worked; I couldn't fit my roaster pan in the double sink; and I did not have a dishwasher. My refrigerator stuck out a full 9" from the edge of the countertop and took up way too much space.

Member Comments: I am even more pleased w/ my new kitchen than I ever thought I would be. Joe Logar and his experienced team tore out my old kitchen in a single day. I asked that they save the cabinets for my son's auto restoration shop so they were very careful not to damage them. My son put his flatbed trailer in our back yard and the guys put the cabinets on that trailer for him. Just as they got the last cabinet on the trailer it began to rain so they hurried and covered them w/ plastic. I have a cat and every day they were very careful not to let her out because she's strictly an indoor cat. I was so pleased w/ their clean up each day before they left. They took down a wall between my kitchen and the rest of the home which makes my home seem so much larger. They even removed the dropped ceiling in the old kitchen and doing those two things made a huge difference. I wish I could include photos of the old kitchen and the new so that everyone could see what a difference they made for me in my home. When they brought in the new cabinets they were so careful not to damage my walls because they had to come through a hallway to get to the kitchen. They were also very careful when they removed sliding glass doors to bring in the large corner cabinet w/ a lazy susan. Joe has utilized the same "trades" for years so he knows and trusts their work. I chose quartz for my countertops and those guys did such an amazing job of matching the pattern at the seams that the seams disappear. Joe's project manager, Tim Tutton, was here when he needed to be and he was always a phone call or text away. He was wonderful to work with as was Connie Stein, Joe's right-hand-lady who handles his emails, phone calls, sends out invoices, etc. I just can't say enough good things about everyone associated w/ my kitchen project. There is NO question: I will hire Joe Logar again in the future for other projects in my home.
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Teresa Sullivan
St Petersburg, FL 33705
Categories: Excavating
Remodeling - General
Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: September 09, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $15,000.00
Home Build Year: 1958
Description Of Work: 
We bought a house about 2 1/2 years ago, knowing that several masonry walls were going to have to be replaced along with bracing the 2nd story deck to complete the work. We contracted AAA after reviewing Angie's List rating and got a reasonable bid from them.

Member Comments: 
They demolished the existing wall and began the prep for putting one of the walls (6' H x 35' L) up. July and August were very rainy months, so there was some unavoidable weather delays. One of the reasons that the wall was crumbling was there hadn't been proper footing or anchoring of the wall. AAA hired a masonry company which did an excellent job of putting up the wall and assuring that it was well constructed; even using metal rods to tie it down.

The second wall had a few issues. When we initially asked for a quote to replace a side wall that was topped by a fence and posts holding up the upper deck roof, AAA failed to note that the roof would need to be braced to support the deck while construction commenced. We brought this to their attention and the estimate was increased to accommodate the change. The masonry work was very well done; and they did it without harming plants on either side of the wall. There was also a bit of confusion with putting in replacement fencing on top of the wall, but the issues were resolved.

Clean up by the masonry company was not satisfactory, but when we notified AAA they sent someone out the next day to take care of it.

There was a bit of misunderstanding about billing (we were initially charged twice for the same work) but those issues were easily resolved when we brought it to their attention.

I have always believed that expecting perfection is ridiculous, but the sign of a good general contractor is one who makes sure their subcontractors do the job right. I will continue to use AAA for renovations in our house. Up next...a bathroom!  Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: April 17, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $38,000.00
Description Of Work: kitchen remodel removal of kitchen soffit along with 3 walls of wallboard
new drywall/plaster and insulation plumbing, electrical including new ceiling lights and smoke detectors
painting, new flooring in kitchen, dining area and Florida room, new exterior patio door, new kitchen and bathroom windows
Member Comments: Working with AAA Services was a very positive experience. Joe, the general contractor, along with Tim, the project manager and the rest of Joe's crew were great to work with. Always pleasant and professional. All the subcontractors Joe uses were again all pleasant and professional. As project manager, Tim checked in on things on a regular basis and kept things moving right along. Joe and his crew were always very accommodating. Tim even had his guys show up early in the morning to move the furniture and cabinets from the Florida room to the back porch to make way for the flooring installers. Any minor issues that came up were addressed quickly and professionally. There was a flaw in the bathroom window glass. Joe and Tim followed up with the manufacturer who sent out a service tech to replace glass, window is now perfect. Overall, the workmanship was excellent on every level. We even got positive comments from the various inspectors. Thanks, Joe and Tim and the rest of the AAA crew. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new kitchen. I would highly recommend AAA Services to anyone.
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M. Wacaser
Tampa, FL 33602
Services Performed: Yes
Last Modified Date: May 01, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $8,000.00
Description Of Work: I use them all the time for repair.
Member Comments: They did a good job..
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